As Cinema Room enthusiasts, we would say a projector for that true cinematic experience. This, of course, depends on the size room you have to use, whether it is your main room, family room or dedicated cinema room. An OLED or LCD can be easily placed on the wall with speakers either side or a projector and screen are easier to hide in a ceiling and can provide as large an image as the dimensions of your room allows.

The quality of home cinema projectors is constantly improving and the images are of extremely high quality. Projectors require near darkness in order to produce the best images, though ambient light is not as much a problem as with earlier models. A flat-screen can provide a good solution if this is a problem.

In professional cinemas, the speakers are always placed behind the screen so the sound comes from the picture making the whole experience more genuine. With projector-based cinemas, we design in the same way. We use acoustically transparent screens with speakers behind. The screen and projector can be fixed in a dedicated room, or be motorised and hidden when not in use.

We use Artcoustic speakers as they are slim, wall-mounted and perfect for both fixed and hidden systems. In hidden systems, the speakers remain in place while the screen disappears but the clever Artcoustic design means they complement the room and don’t look like a big piece of cinema kit. This makes them ideal for living rooms, games rooms etc. If a system is based around a plasma or LCD screen then the speakers should be placed around the screen to give the best sound stage possible.