What is the best for my Cinema Room: TV or Projector?

The quality of home cinema projectors is constantly improving and the images are of extremely high quality. Projectors require near darkness in order to produce the best images, though ambient light is not as much a problem as with earlier models. A flat-screen can provide a good solution if this is a problem.


However, converting your spare bedroom is still an option. We can install and integrate automated black out blinds that are controlled to automatically close once the cinema is turned on. We can also add smart lighting that will dim the lights to the perfect viewing environment.

Who Should Have a Cinema Room?

Everyone who likes Cinema in the comfort of their own home! Choosing which equipment is best for your circumstances can be a difficult process. Cinema Rooms makes that decision for you. Creating the simplest home cinema installation takes expertise and knowledge and if you like your movies you want your cinema room installation to be seamless and ‘user-friendly’ then it’s best to let the professionals take care of it for you.

What is a Home Cinema?

A bespoke Cinema Room in your home when professionally installed will be the right system for your room and usage, and have hidden cabling, beautiful installation, ease of use and be calibrated to achieve excellent sound and picture. The end result: an experience for you and your family to enjoy every day.