Home Automation installation

Home automation services, in essence, is the sophisticated control solution which unites the different electronic systems installed in your homes, such as multi-room audio, distributed video, surround-sound rooms, TVs, projectors, motorized shades and screens, lights, thermostats, alarms and surveillance. Home automation services combine these into a simple, yet responsive interface.

Also, Home automation services design and implements budget-conscious automation systems, which allow our clients, with a single push of a button, to execute various commands around their homes, very much simplifying their lifestyles. If you are new to smart home technology or home automation, it is hard to imagine how your daily routines could be so simplified. Here are some examples of how automating your home brings comfort and practical purpose to your environment.

Home Automation Installation for Alarm and lights. At night, as you enter your home and disable the alarm, the lights will automatically turn on around the house. If you come home in the day, the shades will roll up, so you don’t even have to touch a single dimmer switch or shade control. When you leave your home and arm the alarm, the shades will roll down, all lights, TV’s and other electronics will automatically turn off, that you never have to worry about leaving your TV’s, lights and other electric devices on.

Smart Home Systems

Media and Lighting. As you sit down to watch a movie, with a single push of the button the shades will roll down, the display will turn on the Blu-Ray player, the lights will dim, and your movie will begin playing, submerging you into the ultimate movie experience.

Surveillance and Media. Has this happened to you? You have just settled down to watch a movie when the doorbell rings. No problem! The remote in your hand that you just used to turn on the TV will show you who is at the front door, and allow communication through the built-in intercom. You could even buzz your guest in if the door has an electric lock.

Home Automation is an important step in conserving energy. Nearly every large institution has various automation technologies built into their environment just for that purpose. Well-designed systems to turn off the lights when no one is in the room, keep lights at slightly dimmed levels as it gets dark, cut power to heavy-duty appliances (refrigerators, coolers, etc.) all together late at night, and raise or lower shades to prevent heat or cold leaving the space. All of these in combination may easily cut your energy bill by 30% or more.

Automated Lighting

When you are away on vacation, random light schemes could be turned on to make the house look as it is still occupied, thus adding an extra security feature. And if configured for remote access, the house can notify you if the alarm or any emergency sensors were tripped. You can even open the garage door remotely to allow the delivery man to leave a package in your garage while you sit in the office.

Forget the days when you have to remember to carry and juggle several remote controls to turn on your entertainment system. Our systems are integrated, and so is our remote control. Once automated, a single remote control does all the work for you.

Whether for convenience or practicality, more of our clients choose to unify the control systems into a single automation environment, enjoying the benefits of simplicity and high technology.