Home Network Installation

Simplicity in a technological world

Home Networking Systems Services is a leading integrator, designer and installer of computer networks and high-end audio-video systems in the Yorkshire, Lancashire & Humberside area, including Leeds, York and Manchester.

Our services include:

  • Home Network Installation
  • Home Theatre & AV Systems
  • Home Automation & Integration
  • Projectors & Screen Systems
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Network Specialists
  • Wiring & Low-Voltage Cabling
  • Home & Business Backup & Storage
  • Small Business IT Services

Our goal is to allow customers to enjoy the amazing capabilities and flexibility of digital home technologies without the hassles and headaches involved in setting them up and getting them to work simply and reliably.

At Home Networking Systems Services we can design and install residential and small business computer networks and entertainment systems that do everything you want them to do and then ensure they are easy to use and maintenance-free. Some of the many benefits of working with Home Networking Systems Services include:

Digital Media Integration

Furthermore, Home Networking Systems Services design systems that deliver digital music, photos, videos and Internet streaming services to your hi-definition TV, stereo, home theatre or multi-zone audio system.

Prompt and Knowledgeable Support

Again, Home Networking Systems Services pride ourselves on personal, responsive and timely technical support.

New Technology

Also, Home Networking Systems Services constantly evaluate new devices, gadgets and software to stay on top of cutting-edge technologies and their benefits, so you don’t have to. At Home Networking Systems Services we can help you navigate and choose the right stuff for you.

Home Networking Systems Services

Recommended Home Networking

The more devices that are connected to your network, the slower it can become. If your home is experiencing slow internet, needs to integrate multiple devices, or requires personalized network setup, Home Networking Systems Services can implement the right customized system for your family.

With a managed home networking solution from Home Networking Systems Services, your home systems and devices will all link up and connect with each other. Home Networking Systems Services specialise in AV installations, smart home systems, whole-home audio and much more. Furthermore, Home Networking Systems Services guarantee to install and program our integrated systems right the first time, every time. Serving the North of England, we are your premier source for AV solutions.


Networking and Managed networking is the process of connecting all your devices and systems over a single managed network for ease of access and full control of everything within a single control panel, smartphone or tablet. This is accomplished with data cables, wireless access points, and routers. Home Networking Systems Services will run cable and wiring throughout your home in an organized manner while identifying the best places to install your equipment, ensuring everything is optimal and running smoothly.

Managed Networking Can Be Useful For:

  1. Networking
  2. Audio & Video Solutions
  3. Smart Home Automation
  4. Motorized Blinds
  5. Automated Lighting
  6. Video Surveillance Systems
  7. Smart Thermostats
  8. Access Control


At Home Networkingservices we think that once the cabling is complete, then we run a multipoint test to ensure everything is working and up to speed. After this is confirmed, we assist with connecting your devices so that anything not connected physically can access the same managed network. This lets you use your smartphone, tablet or computer to access and control everything on the system such as your thermostat, audio system, or home theatre room.


Home Networkingservices we will always go to great lengths to make sure all of the devices on your network are locked down with latest in network and internet security. Security is a crucial element of having a smart home with managed networking. We utilize the latest and best in wireless security for anything that is not physically connected, and Home Networkingservices can even set up a firewall for your entire network that will block anyone trying to gain remote access unless you allow it.


CAT5 Networking at Home Networking services, we have the right managed networking system for your home. We are highly experienced and offer unmatched customer service and support. If you are in the Uk and are ready to get started, contact us today for your free estimate.

Wifi Home Networking Installation

Home with Wifi Network installation

Most likely the WiFi router that came from your internet service provider isn’t providing the performance with your family needs. At Home Networking services our home wireless network solutions provide the performance needed to accommodate all of your families device and connectivity needs.

Home Ethernet Installation Service

home ethernet cable installation

Installing a hardwired network in your home can provide maximum network speed improvements. All Home Networking services home ethernet cable installation services provide the structured cabling system required to enhance your home’s network performance.

Home Network Security

Home Network security dashboard

In addition to the fast connection that you desire, a professional wireless network will also provide the security that you need. Home Networking services provides services that can monitor your network remotely to ensure that any issues with security or connectivity are addressed immediately.

Home Connectivity

Accessing home network connectivity

Every home network needs a central hub for HDTV, IPTV, media servers, lights, shades, security, VoIP phones, or smart appliances. Home Networking services professional team will review all of your telecommunication needs and build a solution that not only meets today’s needs but offers room to grow.

Home Data & Backup Solutions

home ethernet wiring

Home network data is always vulnerable to physical damage or glitches. Home Networking services expert team can provide you with the best solution to keep the data of your home safe and protected. Never worry about having enough storage for your media or losing your files again.

Home Network Setup Consultations

First, Home Networking services will consult with you to determine what type of home network solution best fits your home and families needs.
Installation And Setup

After we’ve obtained everything we need for your project, we’ll set a time to install your home network system.

Maintenance And Troubleshooting

Home Networking services job isn’t over once your home network has been successfully installed. Home Networking services stand by our work – so if you have any issues, our team is ready to help.

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